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Marshall County Guardianship Program, Inc.

A non-profit corporation, The Marshall County Guardianship Program (a.k.a “GAP”) was established in 2009 as a non-profit corporation after several concerned citizens realized elderly in our community who were unable to care for themselves needed help. Laura Givens was one of those concerned citizens instrumental in starting GAP.  Laura is an active board member and past President for GAP. Laura works closely with the Marshall County Probate Office and the Department of Human Resources to ensure Marshall County elderly are cared for and protected from abuse and neglect.  

What GAP can do to help you

At GAP, we strive to improve the general well-being of individuals who have been deemed by the Court to be incapacitated or in need of protection from abuse. Often, these people are unable to provide the basic activities of daily living due to their advanced age or disability. Many are subject to elder financial abuse and exploitation.  Due to the fact that many of the people we service have an income of $1,000.00 or less per month, they are financially unable to acquire quality care on their own. They need a Volunteer Guardian to assist them. Our Board searches for Volunteer Guardians and provide these Volunteers guidance and training to ensure the elderly and incapacitated are protected.

 You can help the efforts of GAP by donating or volunteering to be a Guardian. Also, check with Laura’s office or the Marshall County Probate office about our annual fundraiser.  In 2013, we started hosting an annual Murder Mystery Night – where guests investigate and discover who the killer is in the room from an assortment of characters.    

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