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Estate & Trust

Turning Point Legal PC is here to assist your family with Estate and Trust Administration by providing legal representation to trustees, executors, beneficiaries and heirs. Whether you have a will, or a living trust, we can assist your loved ones in settling your estate.

Estate planning is the process of designing the plan and estate and trust administration is putting the plan into action. If your estate planning is by a will, your beneficiaries will be required to go through probate administration. Probate is the court supervised process of identifying and collecting the assets of a decedent, paying the decedent’s debts, and distributing the balance to the decedent’s beneficiaries. Assets are distributed to beneficiaries in accordance to the instructions written in the decedent’s will.

If your estate planning is by a trust, your assets likely pass through a trust administration, avoiding the probate process, but still requiring a proper administration. Administering a trust is complex and includes identifying and appraising the assets held in the trust, undertanding the trust terms, filing trust tax returns and distributing trust assets to the trust beneficiaries.

Trustees and executors have a fiduciary responsibility to act in the beneficiary’s best interest. They are responsible for making important decisions, sometimes quickly. We understand the estate and trust administration process and can help guide your loved ones through this difficult time in a timely and sensitive manner.


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